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On way back home, comfortably sitting on my seat with my earphones plugged in, I was enjoying a romantic song by Kishore Kumar, when suddenly I overheard this conversation between two kids.

Kid 1: You know one kid was sleeping in the class today?

Kid 2: Really? Didn’t ma’am scold him?

Kid 1: No, she didn’t!  

Kid 2: Why?

By this time I was curious to see their expressions as well and this is what transpired between them.

Kid 1: (Shrugging his little shoulders) Oh his mother had given him a cough syrup that put him to sleep. So he was sleeping in the class.

Kid 2: Who said that?

Kid 1: His friend who was sitting next to him said that. But teacher didn’t believe him because he was trying to hide his laughter. So the teacher realised that it was a prank being played by those two kids who thought they could outsmart their teacher. It was fun bhai! You should have been there.

Kid 2: Just smiled fondly at his younger companion and nodded his head.

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