A real sorry state of our country

Proactive Indian

“Hey, China!”

My guest and I looked up to find that the Captain had summoned Max, the waiter who had served us. We continued our meal.

After we finished the main course, Max came to take our orders for dessert. I asked Max why the Captain had addressed him as China. “All the people here call me China because I’m from Manipur,” he replied.

“Don’t they know Manipur is in India?” I asked. “They know, but they still call me China,” he replied sadly.

“Why don’t you complain to the Manager?” I asked. “I don’t want to lose my job. Some months back, another waiter had complained about this. The Manager told him that it’s his personal matter. But the others got to know that he had complained about them. They harassed him so badly that he had to leave his job. That’s why I’m not complaining to the Manager.

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