A thought provoking post by a REAL MAN. We need more like him to make our society better place for women! Thank You for taking a stand.

Vishal Bheeroo

23protest2I was in a very good mood during the day when some unexpected magic unfurled itself only to sink into a depressing state later during the day as I watched with horror on TV the gang rape of the 22 year old photo journalist intern in Mumbai. I am mortified to see something like this happening in a city like Mumbai which was considered to be a safe haven for women. I cannot come to terms with this dastard crime anymore! For someone who was not born in Mumbai but spent six years in maximum city, I took pride to call myself a proud Mumbaikar and walked with pride when I saw women getting down at Church gate Station past midnight with huge shopping bags after work. Tease a women and menfolks will pounce at you! Is Mumbai a changed city? I am shivering when I think about the hard…

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