The recent news of rescuing a former editor of renowned Marathi Magazine Grihalaxmi Sunita Naik from the streets of Mumbai has sent shock waves in the middle class families. The 65-year-old lady was seen with her pet dog, who has been her companion for last 12 years. Currently residing with a well meaning couple Gregory and Christine Misquitta, the ex-editor says that she was duped off all her savings by her servants.

In a sad case of being all alone at an age when she should be surrounded with family and friends, Naik says that she was quite young when her parents left her for their heavenly abode and though she had friends from political and film arena, none came forward to help her.

Currently seeking some financial support, she says that before she was forced to live on the streets she used to live a life of a queen and never had to cook a meal for herself. Reminiscing about her lost glory, the ex-editor says that those were the days when she lived like a queen and had two apartments in Worli and a bungalow in Pune.

She believes that she was duped by her trusted employee and now she doesn’t know where all her savings have gone. The question here now arises is that can an educated person be duped so easily? Can we trust anyone in this world, because there have been incidences where family members have duped the elderly people of their money forcing them to spend their lives on the streets? These are some of the burning questions that have left the audiences wanting to have some answers. Maybe one day we will find all the answers, till then we can only pray for her well-being.