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At the stroke of midnight, as the entire nation was gearing up to celebrate another year of Independence from the shackles of British, I was secretly hoping for some miracle. A miracle just like the one  happened 66 years back when bang on 00:00 am on 15th August 1947 India gained freedom from the chained slavery of British. And so as the nation was singing patriotic songs and waiting to hoist the tricolour, I was sitting in my room with hubby and Little Prince A hoping or rather wishing for some miraculous change in the society at the stroke of midnight. A miracle that would bring a wonderful and the much-needed change in the society – a promising world for women!

A world where there will be no heinous crimes against women, no news of rape, violence or murder will be the highlight of news channels. Instead everyone will be celebrating their achievements as a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother and a professional. I was secretly wishing for a world where the father celebrates the birth of a daughter with equal fervour as he celebrates the birth of his son, a world where DILs are not harassed for dowry, and are not burnt alive; a world where a woman has a right to say NO to an obsessive lover and not live under the constant fear of being attacked by him.

I was waiting for this miracle to happen at the stroke of midnight because as a young girl I had heard that magic happened at the stroke of midnight and so with prayer on my lips and a hope in my heart I wished for this beautiful miracle on this 15th August.

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