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Give your 100 percent to whatever you do!

My mother now in her late fifties is a lady who has always lived her life on her terms. An Army bride coming from a business family in a small town of Punjab, barring the initial hiccups she learned the rules of Army pretty quickly and became a successful Army Wife. Yes successful Army wife. As an Army wife there are many roles a woman has to don – she has to be a perfect hostess to the parties, she has to be an active member of social causes that Army supports among other things. Though mom was competent in other fields including being a perfect hostess, the only hitch was that she didn’t know cooking. So she learned from anywhere, anyone to everywhere to everyone. She learned to cook delicious chicken from an Army cook; she learned to cook veggies from my bua and my grandma. She read cookery books (those days TV was not an option) and created exotic desserts that became her signature style. And from then on each party had some surprise element in it and Mrs Gupta became popular as a gracious and perfect hostess. But then for me it was not a surprise for she has always believed one thing right from her childhood – whatever work you do should reflect your individuality and should be as beautiful as you are. In other words it should be your self-expression just like Megha of the Mia TVC http://youtu.be/Qq3Kh-tHsyk .


This is one situation that too post marriage but I feel that mom is truly a Mia woman not just because of the above mentioned situation but because of the incident that happened pre-marriage. She was all set to give enter Medical entrance exams when a brick fell on her head and she was on the bed-rest for almost six months or so. She so wanted to be a doctor but then God had other plans for her and she took zoology. Did her post graduation in it and throughout her college she was the topper. Living the example of giving your 100 percent to whatever you do. There are many more such examples where mom showed me that whatever work you do should be an expression of yourself and should reflect your individuality. Hats off to you for being such a beautiful woman – the true Mia (http://mia.tanishq.co.in/) Woman!