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As the nation gears up for the 67th Independence Day on August 15, 2013, I am just thinking how free are we in reality? Yes, the country has come a long way since August 15, 1947 but the plight of citizens has not improved a bit. Poor are getting poorer – with the Planning Commission further lowering the poverty line and the government increasing the prices of almost every commodity – be it food items, petrol, and entertainment.


Forget about commodities, in a country that is about to celebrate its 67th Independence Day in just four days, how free are women? Or should I ask how safe women of modern India are? The threat to their dignity is lurking in their homes, offices, roads, and public transports. Rape, eve-teasing, domestic violence are the issues that plague the country in its 67th year of Independence. And I feel if we are still struggling with these issues on a daily basis then we are not free at all – for the nation, which can’t protect its women is not worth calling a nation – more so when we revere our nation as Goddess Bharat.Image

Bharat Mata ki Jai are the slogans we shout at every victory, triumph yet we forget that each case of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment is a direct attack on our precious Bharat Mata – who observes all this with a silent mutiny. Today, we have women in all the prominent careers where initially it was taboo for women to enter. Despite all this women are under constant threat of being harassed, molested, and made fun of and if this is not all most of the families want a working DIL except Gurgaon, Haryana where the grooms want a stay-at-home wives who can take care of his parents and attend all the social functions by his side. This whole scenario is pretty selfish where the choice of women is not even considered. It is like what the groom’s family wants the girl has to abide whether she likes it or not – so where is the freedom, INDEPENDENCE.

Hence as the country gears up for its 67th Independence Day I am just wondering are we really free from the chains of insecurity that binds us making us think ten times before we step out?


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