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As I am so in Love with Wild Animals and Coming from a Place like Assam admiring Nature makes much more sense I guess..So When I see the Wild getting depleted day by day I can’t stop myself but think how Humans have become cruel day by day then again I realize we Human now-a-days don’t even care for other Humans and the Question of caring animals doesn’t make any sense…What Say?

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*Captions in the Cartoon Strip has number read accordingly(Suggested By One of my Blogging Friend Nirav)

Here I give the list of some Rare and Endangered Wild Animals found exclusively in Assam and Other Parts of North -East India though some are also found in very small quantity in other parts of India…

*Image Courtesy-Google(I had no Camera at that Time.. 😦 )

  1. One Horned Rhino-Being the…

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