Yesterday, Little Prince A celebrated Mother’s Day in his school. His only question was “Momma, why is my school celebrating Mother’s Day in July when it comes in May?” For a moment I didn’t know what to say, but then I said that because your school wants to teach you the importance of Mother in your life. They want you to remember that no one except your mom will love you unconditionally.

“But you don’t love me Momma, you are always scolding me and reprimanding me,” pat came the reply from my almost five year old. “Oh Beta, but I do love you,” I also replied quickly. And if I scold you that’s because I want you to become a better person and not stay a disobedient child forever and with that he demands kisses from me to show him that I truly love him.

After all this fiasco I was left wondering, what all a mother has to undergo in order to ensure that her child is successful in everything and anything he does. She has to hear all the nasty things like I hate you momma, you are not a good momma and I will complaint against you to Daadi (as if she is the one who brought him in this world.) among others.

Though the former two are acceptable, as I read somewhere that if a mother doesn’t hear these words from her children, it means she is not doing a good job of raising responsible children. But the last one challenges my patience and I have to grit my teeth and tell him – it is good to say bad things about your mommy to anybody – be it your papa, daadu-daadi, chaachu-chaachi, or even naanu-naani, maamu-maami, because no one will ever love you the way your momma does. They will pamper you with goodies, will get you gifts but will not guide you to a good and acceptable behaviour. Oh they will shout at you, will stop talking to you but will never make you understand the goods and the bad of behaving badly in the public.

As it is MIL has this ever-ready dialogue that irks me like anything – “Mere bachche to aise nai karte the and wo papa se darte the.” MIL was not living with her PILs (parents –in-laws) so she had it easy. Husband in the absence of his parents supports his wife.

Anyway I was talking about Mother’s Day celebration in the Prince A’s school and the card he made for me. It was a good card and I was really touched when he said “I Love You Mom.”

P.S. Will be posting the pictures of the card shortly.

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