Calling friends over for that popular cuppa has been age-old tradition of our country. But what if this tradition is stretched across the seven seas and the wonderful brew is shared over a time difference of more than 12 hours – the result is some candid conversations over a cup of hot chai with virtual friend.

And that’s exactly what happened when my blogger friend SM and I shared our evening and morning cuppa of chai through the huge distance that separated us and chatted away to glory first through Google talk and then through Facebook messages.  Our love for the favourite brew – chai and words brought us close but the shared Army background was an ice-breaker I would say, as we shared about the destinations each of us had travelled – she as an Army spouse and me as an Army kid oops Brat :p

My friend SM and I have other few things in common as well and that’s why I guess we get along well (at least I would like to think that) we both are happy in our own company – I mean it’s ok if there is no one to talk to us, we both like to have a head start to the day so that we may plan and act accordingly and we both defy rules and find it difficult sticking to a routine. Before I met SM I used to think that I am the only rebellious one but when I met SM I realised that there are people like me who find difficult sticking to a routine.

Heck I can’t even stick to a routine of getting up at the same time everyday – sometimes it’s half an hour early, sometimes late but never on time. So when we shared chai each sitting respectively on our laptops furiously typing on our keyboards I thought of writing this post on sharing chai and some candid conversations with a friend.

So here’s a cheers to my friend – Long live our newly found friendship and our desires for chai and conversations.

 This post is a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge