Once you have conceived you will be surrounded with well-meaning friends and family giving you often repeated advice regarding your general well being and eating habits during your pregnancy. While some of them are really true and full of wisdom, others are nothing but blind beliefs being passed on from generation to generation.

Here is the list of some of the most common notions about pregnancy:

Eating for two

This is the most common notion about pregnancy. All your older relatives will insist on your eating large portions implying that you should be eating for two. Nothing can be more wrong than that. You need to have a balance diet which includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals in a required proportion. But please avoid stuffing yourself with double of everything. Your baby is being taken care of properly if you are having a balance diet.

Perfect excuse to eat whatever you like

Actually this is true. You can eat whatever you like without worrying too much about the calories; however there is a catch here. Although you can eat whatever you like ensure that you are balancing it with something you don’t like to eat. For example if you want to have something spicy then neutralise the effect with either plain curd or pulses. Similarly if you feel like gorging on sweets balance it with something salty or neutral in taste.

You cannot be fat and beautifulaishwarya-rai-pregnant-photos01

Perhaps pregnancy is the only time when a woman can be fat as well as beautiful. Owing to all the hormonal changes your body is experiencing combined with the inner happiness of another life growing inside you, pregnancy puts a glow on your face. Since apart from your own weight you are carrying another life a pregnant woman can gain weight and yet be called stunningly beautiful. If you don’t trust me look at the celebrities who flaunt their pregnancy with such an élan.

Ultrasounds can harm your baby

You might have heard from your grandmothers that ultrasounds will harm the baby. But that is not true. In fact ultrasounds, which are nothing but the radiations penetrating into your womb and getting the picture of your unborn baby, are the best way to discover whether the foetus is developing normally or are there any complications. Nothing can harm your baby as he or she is enclosed in a protected shield called a water bag which protects your baby which acts as a cushion for your baby.

Ditch your jeans and skirts

This is more common in India although the trend is changing pretty fast. You don’t reese-witherspoon-purple-dresshave to become a fashion disaster during your maternity. There are whole loads of western outfits you can choose from. If you are jeans and top type of person then there are maternity jeans. Fitted with elastic and a soft cloth that snug your belly it is a perfect way to continue to wear your favourite denim. Team it up with either a loose kurti or a shirt or T-shirt

Wear flats not heels

Apparently there is a scientific reason for it. During pregnancy your back is already in too much pressure to adjust the growing weight and wearing heels just adds on to that pressure. In addition to that as your pregnancy advances you can not see beyond your bulging belly so there are chances of you tripping and falling which is not a pleasant situation either for you or for your baby.

Take it easy

Although you need to take it easy and keep yourself away from stress, it does not mean that you will keep sitting or lying down until of course your doctor has advised you to do so. De-stress yourself with some breathing exercises which will also be helpful in delivery. If possible take an afternoon nap to rejuvenate you, since you tend to get tired soon during pregnancy.

Fried foods

Avoid anything that is fried. Your digestion during pregnancy is slower and eating a heavy fried food may make you feel uncomfortable for long hours. Hence avoid eating deep fried foods.

Eating fruits and drinking plenty of water helps in pregnancy

This is also a common notion and it is true and scientifically proven too. Fresh fruits have fibre in them which aids in digestion, and drinking water keeps you hydrated as well as helps in preventing constipation – another common problem during pregnancy.

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking as it is not good for anybody and pregnant women should not only actively quit smoking but can also demand a smoker to butt off his cigarette as it is not good for the unborn baby. Most of the smokers would understand and bow to your wishes.

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