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This Sunday I had a proud mom moment with my Little Prince A. I have been reading out to him stories right from the few days after he was born, because I had read somewhere that a mother who reads during her pregnancy and then reads out to her children post delivery nurtures a child who has a strong liking for books and considers them to be his/her true friends.

ImagePrince A having some Me moments with the mirror

My little Prince A was also extremely fond of books right from his infancy and as he is growing up his love for books is also increasing. At the time when was not able to read himself he used to take a magazine and admire the pictures in it and now when he is able to read a little bit – he tries to read everything and anything he can and that means reading the ingredients, product’s name and the best before usage warning pretty easily.

But this Sunday, it was different. This Sunday afternoon while I was preparing for my nap, Little Prince A took out the book I used to read out to him, opened the first page and started reading the story of Shravan – the dutiful son. Though he read the first paragraph correctly but he lost his interest when he reached the second paragraph and he got stuck with pronunciation of the word ‘them’. While he insisted on pronouncing it as ‘teem’ me and N said that the word is ‘them’ after few minutes of this power struggle he said if you don’t agree to what I say then I am not reading the story further.

Though N wanted to pursue the matter further I told him to end it here, as Little Prince A was not in the receptive mood right now. We will teach him when he is in a  receptive mood and then he will grasp it quickly also and with that the proud mom moment was gone but the memories of it will last with me forever.

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