Hey fellow bloggers please tell me how to deal with this comment. This man wanted to post his comment on the post on Arranged Marriages and instead posted on Haiku Day 12 and this is what this guy had to say.

Ritesh commented on Haiku for Day 12

@ swati

So, you are just another MIL-hating creature who inhabits this planet.
Stop hovering around your husband and don’t keep him under the thumb.

He has a life of his own too (without you being a part of it all the time) and let him love his parents.

You have no right ,whatsoever, to dictate the T&C of your husband’s relationship with his parents for it is between him & his parents and you are not in the picture.

You can only dictate & govern your relationship with your husband (50% of it, the remaining is for him to decide) so don’t be a despo.

You won’t gain anything – accept the truth and move on.
Be at peace with yourself & if you can’t be, atleast let your husband live in peace.

All because I dared to write that Arranged Marriages are all about patriarchal control. I feel that some feathers were ruffled somewhere. What say Mr Ritesh? Hate is a strong word and a wasted emotion for which I don’t have time. But yes I would still say that arranged marriages are all about control. And if that makes me a MIL hater then so be it.

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