Workplace romances are not uncommon these days. Given the kind of time men and women spend in each other’s company during office hours, this is often a given. But are you flirting with disaster? Is it time to draw the line?

Favoritism. In most cases, if not all, an office romance may lead to favoritism – getting up close and personal to a senior or subordinate tends to do that. In certain cases, the junior employee may take advantage of the relationship – not following work ethics, coming late to work and not showing any interest in office-related work. Thus putting the senior in a very awkward position and he/she may end up being lax with everyone else so as to keep charges of favoritism at bay.

Conflict of interest. This arises when, after entering the relationship, either of the party starts taking things for granted. For instance, total lack of regard for official dress code, coming late to work, conspicuous long absence from work give a lot of fodder for office gossip, creating a conflict of interest.

Confidentiality breaches. No one will intentionally breach a confidence. However, when one is dating/romancing, the level of confidence and trust towards that person increases and there are chances that you may spill official secrets to your love interest. This chance spilling of secrets may lead to breach of confidence, if your love interest discusses them with a third party.

Sexual harassment. Who hasn’t seen sexual harassment dramas unfold in the media these days. A lot of big names have fallen in recent times so it’s wise to remember that sexual harassment charges can have serious and career-destroying repercussions. Read the signs properly before getting flirtatious with colleagues. In addition, restrain from showing objectionable images or sharing objectionable content.

Hostile work environment. If an office romance flourishes and is reciprocated by both parties, the workplace seems like fun. However, if either side is non-responsive or the relationship doesn’t work out, it may result in a hostile work environment – team work is the first casualty.

Loss of focus. Often, people in a relationship fail to see the bigger picture. They focus on the romance and sweet nothings, forgetting that there is work to be done and deadlines to be met. This could have serious repercussions on your career as your lack of focus may mean you don’t get to handle important assignments and responsibility.

That said, office romances have often led to happily ever afters for many couples across the world. Just keep these things in mind before you embark on a romantic path with a colleague. Forewarned is forearmed, after all!

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