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While juggling for the ideas to write for my Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 11, I came across this message on FB from a cause pretty close to my heart. So here I am dedicating this post to our National Animal, who currently is facing the problem of getting extinct because of deforestation, mining, encroachment on their lands and poaching.


  • Image courtesy Sanctuary Asia 

Tiger is our national animal and it will be pity and a shame as a nation if we lost it to modernisation. Yes, it is modernisation and the ever-growing population for which the government and the private builders are constructing skyscrapers, with few trees planted around the society to create a so called green environs. However, right now nobody understands the seriousness of the problem.

Protecting Tigers is one of the major concerns in the environmental protection issue as well, as tigers play an important role in shaping up the environment. Hence let’s all come together as blogger/writers and keep writing on this issue till some concrete steps are taken to save our tigers.

This post is a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 11