It is just so amazing that night after I had an argument with in-laws on how I am treating their son with lack of respect (all because I told him that I will have a look at the paper little later and he insisted that I see it right away. I was not feeling well what with bad cold and a slight headache) I read a post on Arranged Marriages by a fellow blogger friend.

Yes arranged marriages are all about control or rather patriarchal control over DIL because the parents are unable to control their sons. Any wrong behaviour on son’s part after marriage – blame it on DIL, she is teaching him. Oh really! Is he a kiddo with no mind of his own? If yes, then why did you get him married? Since the day I got married till today I have been trying to find answers but I am learning few lessons everyday and I am hoping that these lessons will help me in my future decision-making process.



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