There is so much to write, so much I want to share on current topics (Uttarakhand flooding), social issues (domestic violence, another rape in the capital), and other topics that interest me but there is so little time with a five-year-old preschooler (who feels it is his birthright to watch nursery rhymes on laptop every time momma opens it) and in-laws (who feel that when DIL is at home why should we do the menial tasks of taking a glass of water by ourselves).

Sometimes I wish there were more than 24 hours so that I can accomplish all that I want and then write some more. hehehe I guess even more than 24 hours will also be not enough for me. I wish I could read and write or write and read the entire day without worrying about the daily chores of cooking, cleaning among other things. How I wish God to grant me that wish. Maybe one day, one day I will have enough time to write but I just hope that I also have enough topics to write on. Inshallah, Amen and with that thought I leave you all for something better tomorrow.

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