This was when I was just starting my career as a journalist. My senior who is now a good friend said that as a reporter you need to give just facts, write in third person and avoid big, complicated words while writing.

You are not required to impress anyone with your Shakespearean language style. As a writer your job is to write the news or any feature in a language that is understood by a common man as well as an expert without losing either the gist of the news or changing its meaning.

Putting it more informally he said to follow KISS – Keep It Short and Simple for one. Apart from that he also told me that you can capture the interest of your reader with the first paragraph. So if it is a news story you are writing give the five Ws and H that is What, When, Why and Where and How.

Another advice I received was of following three Cs in the article and they are Clarity, Content and Concise or Crispness.

Over the years I have received several writing advice but I guess the best ones were of the three Cs for article writing and KISS for news reporting.


As to why I received these advices were because when I started my career I had no formal training in journalism. In fact I was doing the course and while doing it I wanted to be an intern but the editor (who again is a good friend) asked me to choose – a course or a full fledged job. And to this date I have not regretted my decision of choosing the job over the course.


Today I have twelve years of experience in this field and have worked in both the departments – reporting as well as editing and although it is reporting and writing that I enjoy the most I can not deny the fact that being at the desk has helped me improve my writing a lot.

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