Since I am a voracious reader, I wanted to ensure that my son also gets the habit of reading, as it will not only enhance his general awareness of the world but he will also have friends for life — books.

Yes, yes I know all the thoughts you all must be having here, Well I was reading anything to everything when I was pregnant with my little prince. And if not reading I was talking to him about the books or stories that I will share with him (weird? Maybe but that’s how I am). And then when he was an infant I was feeding him with the stories my mom told us. Over the years, as he started growing up I ensured to feed him with all the fairy tales I knew from my childhood including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Three Pigs, Goldilocks and three bears, Alice in the wonderland apart from the popular Hansel and Gretel.

Of course I was also reading out to him the simple stories like Thirsty Crow, Lion and the Mouse, the Sour Grapes, the Fox and the Swan, among many others, And today, when he is about to be five, he shows tremendous interest in story books, in his school books of poems (for Hindi and English) and Atlas. Yes, that’s something I didn’t teach him but I guess his love for books had open a new avenue of reading maps. He started out reading maps from the dairies initially and has recently graduated to an old Atlas from hubby’s school days.

And in story books, his current favourite is Panna — the Faithful Nurse, which he keeps asking me to read out to him. Oh yes, thanks to the cartoon Chhotta Bheem, Prince A also got interested in Arabian Tales. It’s a pleasure to read out to him not only because it makes the bond between me and my son a little stronger, but also in my hearts of heart I know that I am creating an adult who will love books as much as I do will never be lonely.

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