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Well, I guess this will be the first time that I am writing the post directly on wordpress. No word document, no pen, pencil or paper for me this time. Though I am finding it little difficult because I am used to jotting my thoughts on the paper first and then collecting them onto the word document so that they make sense and then write a post for my blog. But today it is different because I just have few minutes left before the entire house wakes up and demand their morning chai.

So here’s my post for the day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and though I have managed to write posts on time, I am sorry that I have not been able to do much of networking, so please excuse me fellow bloggers and help me in sharing my blogs with you and reaching out to yours as well. Of course I have been reading Shail’s blogs and commenting on them too, but I guess we need to spread our circle with this challenge. Oh by the way for all those who have not visited the cosy nest of Shail do ensure to visit if you are seeking a break from your boring mundane life.

Here’s the link for the blog http://shailsnest.com and happy blogging and networking to all of you. Cheers and have a great day ahead.

This post is a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 5