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I met him by chance

When he asked me for a dance

Somewhere from a distance

A voice pierced into the trance

And said he was a heart breaker, heart breaker was he.


He swept me in his arms lovingly

Looked into my eyes adoringly

Kissed my lips ever so gently

Promised me pleasures of heaven in galore

Like a gullible fool I fell for his lure

I was floating on cloud nine

When he whispered in my ear

I am a heart breaker; heart breaker is me.


I still couldn’t believe,

Didn’t dare to see,

The truth was in front of my eyes

When I heard the other woman’s cries

He is a heart breaker; heart breaker is he.


Why did you play with my emotions?

Why did you show me love and devotion?

I cried

Deep inside I knew something died

And then I remembered…

… He was a heart breaker; heart breaker was he

This post is a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2013