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“I have something to tell you! May we please meet again at the same place, same time.” Read the text from Viraj Rathore.

“Now what”? Thought Shruti Maini! What was left to say or listen to? But meet him she definitely will and so she replied, “Ok, but for the last time.”

Viraj was waiting for that one message anxiously and when he got the reply he heaved a sigh of relief. “Today,” he thought, “today, I will tell her that I love her that her going away will kill me.” Today he will open his heart for her and let her see that she has made a place for herself and refuses to go from there. “Yes, today,” he voiced his feelings loudly to no one in particular.

He had been restless and hence had called Shraddha Menon — the woman he loved and lost to some other man. After Shraddha, Viraj had closed his heart to love. He believed that you only love once and for him that love was Shraddha. But the frank talk with Shraddha was his eye-opener. She just had to ask few right questions and he, he knew the answers.

“You love her Viraj! Whether you accept it or not is up to you,” Shraddha said from the other side of the phone.

“But how is that possible Shraddha, it is you I LOVE, will always Love,” Viraj queried back.

Men will be men, thought Shraddha exasperatedly, but while talking to him she was patient and that’s how she told him in patient tones. “Yes, you love me. I don’t doubt that! But with me it was more of a youthful love that was gurgling with vivacious ambitions. But with Shruti it is a love of a mature man. You said that she makes you come alive in a way no one has been able to do. She challenges you in a way that excites you and that is Love Viraj. Except it and don’t let HER go from your life,” she said.

“You are lucky you have been given a second chance, grab it with both hands,” she had said and that’s why he had texted Shruti. And now he was waiting for her patiently in the AUDA garden from 4:30 pm. He knew he was early but he didn’t want her to wait for him and then leave thus taking one last chance of revealing his feelings to her. “She mattered, yes damn it to God but she did matter,” he thought to himself and if he wanted any more proof of that the last one week was sufficient to offer one. In the last one week there has been no mails, phones or texts from her, it was like as if she has cut him off from her life.

Meanwhile, Shruti was lost in her thoughts while getting dressed for the meeting. “Nothing dressy,” she thought, so she stuck to her jeans, top and sneakers. “If the meeting didn’t go well, she will indulge in some jogging and come back with a clear mind,” she thought.

“I have something to tell you….! He had written. What could it be? It couldn’t be about us. “No she didn’t let her heart dwell on that, lest it will be broken again,” she thought. So then what could it be? “Well whatever it is, I will find out in half-an-hours time,” she reprimanded herself.

“Where is she? I do hope she comes,” thought Viraj who had his back to the main gate so Shruti had time to study his profile. Every time she looked at him she felt her heart doing a somersault, however, today she would have to control all her feelings and be composed and calm. “After all he is getting married tomorrow to Smriti Patel and then everything will be over,” a painful smile crossed her lips and before anyone could see, it was gone.

“Hi Viraj!” she said.

“Hi Shruts, umm thanks for coming,” Viraj replied.

“No problem. So tell me what is it that you wanted to tell me,” she said.

“Shruti, babes, please don’t make it difficult for me,” he said. She just looked at him with question in her eyes.

“Ok, yes, I wanted to tell you something… and that is umm please don’t go to Delhi,” he said while reprimanding himself for not saying what he wanted to say.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Well, because I have something to tell you…! he replied like a fool. “VVViiiirrraaaJJJ,” stop acting like a dumbass and speak up whatever it is,” she said. Shruti was getting nervous like hell, because she has never seen him like this. “It was his self-confidence and devil-may-care attitude that had attracted her towards him, but today she was seeing a different side of him,” she thought.

“Buck up Viraj,” an inner voice told him and he just blurted out in one go, “Sure, I have something to tell you babes, my babes and that is I Love You, I can’t live without you. The last one week has been hell without you hence please stay and be my wife because you definitely are my life,” there it was out in a jiffy.

Shruti for her part just kept staring at him with her mouth wide open. “You don’t really mean that, do you,” she asked. I mean you are getting married to Smriti tomorrow and today you are telling me all this, what is this? Some kind of joke,” she asked hysterically.

“No Shruti, this is not a joke,” Smriti replied from her back. “You, what are you doing here” Shruti asked.

“Well Viraj wanted me here, because he wanted you to know that there is no wedding taking place tomorrow unless, your parents can get ready for a wedding in a day’s time,” Smriti replied with a forlorn smile .

While all this was going on, Viraj fetched a bouquet of blood-red roses and went down on one knee and asked “So Ms Shruti Maini, will you marry me and be Mrs Shruti Viraj Rathore. Say yes, because from now on till the end of my life I will always have something to tell you and that is I Love You.”

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