It seems India as a country has become an enemy of women. I know it is a strong statement to make but I am not saying this out of some whim and anyone who is reading newspapers or watching NEWS on TV will agree with me that it just looks like that the country where Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati are revered with ardent devotion, has lost all its humanity and have become barbaric in their deeds. What else will you call it, if you read the news of five-year-old being raped and severely mutilated?

It is like we got drunk, had an urge to satisfy our carnal desires and since that girl was an easy target, hence we lured her. Wow! And the  so-called protectors of our nation blame women, their dressing sense and all the nonsense. The acts of such inhumanity have not spared a two-year-old toddler, whose body was found in the nallah near Dwarka (New Delhi) petrol pump, or a three-year-old (in Bangalore slums) who was lured with a promise of chocolate or a five-year-old (who was found covered in mud and blood near Gurgaon Metro Station).

Was it their dresses that prompted these men to carry such heinous acts against these young girls who have absolutely no idea what is happening with them. Why don’t we for a minute take a break from everything and promise to RING THE BELL whenever we see that a girl is being lured into an unknown territory by some strangers or even people known to her.

And on that note let’s also RING THE BELL to combat child marriages in India that are again an evil practice against children and especially women because it is she who has to undergo lots of changes. According to the reports from UNICEF Indian states like Rajasthan, Bihar, and Jharkhand have some of the highest ratio of child marriages. And in most cases the entire community is involved hence educating the entire community is necessary.

“If we look at the statistics and compare it to the previous years, it has fallen down drastically. From 58.4% in last decade, we have come down to almost 22%. But there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Rajasthan still figures among the top ranks in child marriage,” said a senior official from UNICEF.

While browsing through the net on child marriages in India I came across this link (the link is for the letter written by a victim to her father). The link has left me wondering why do we give birth to daughters if they are considered as burden. Why not create a system where we can give birth only to sons so that ALL OF THOSE WHO THINK THAT SON TAKES THE FAMILY NAME TO THE NEXT GENERATION REALISE THAT HE WILL NEED A WOMAN TO DO THAT. He can’t do that on his own, unless of course these crazy people invent something equally crazy to conceive a child without WOMEN.

This post has been written for and Ring the Bell campaign.