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While browsing through the website http://www.bellbajao.org/, I came across a blog titled – The Dark Holi Night – by a Bangalore-based fellow journalist and to be honest though I was shocked while reading the piece, I was more saddened by the inhumanity that has made us so self-centred. The thought that if it is not related to us it should not bother us is extremely dangerous because you don’t know who the next target of this barbarian act will be – could be your daughter, sister, niece, or anyone whom you know. (I am not trying to scare anyone here; just trying to keep my point of view.)

Post the initial shock that I got after reading the piece, my next thought was what situation is the family in who faced this brutality through the hands of some drunken devils out to satiate their lust with a three-year-old? THREE-YEAR-OLD? Does she even know how to dress provocatively, or how to entice men? Was she asking for this brutality on her? NO SIR! SHE WAS NOT! She was a normal child playing outside her home when her father was out at work and mom was busy in the kitchen. According to the neighbours the little girl was lured into the devils’ hut where she was subjected to this brutality. Read the entire story here http://www.bellbajao.org/the-dark-holi-night/.

After reading the story I was left with certain questions and I am wondering are there no answers to these questions.

  1. What happened to that girl?
  2. What about the parents? How are they coping with this tragedy? Are they blaming themselves?
  3. Will the girl be able to live her life normally or will she forever be tormented by this incident?
  4. Will the parents ever be able to enjoy the festival of colours that brought so much darkness in their world?

Unfortunately this is not the lone incident, it seems that there is no humanity left in today’s world, as I read another incident wherein a five-year-old was brutally raped and mutilated with bite marks on her stomach, chests and private parts. She was lured with a promise of langar (a free community lunch).


With these questions still ringing in my mind, I pledge to RING THE BELL immediately, as and when I see anybody trying to harm a girl. Please let’s all of us take a pledge to stop a small girl becoming a victim by RINGING THE BELL LOUD AND CLEAR.


This post has been written for Indichange.Org Ring The Bell Campaign – an initiative by http://www.bellbajao.org/