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  • My papa my first hero asking me not to click him right now. Papa you are the best and I love you always and forever!

Though I never fail to wish either papa or mommy on Father’s and Mother’s days respectively, I don’t believe in the concept of one dedicated day when you love, respect and adore your parents. They are the pillars on which we stand – strong and tall, they are the undying support from where we draw our strengths when we feel that we can’t go on. And though both have an equal role in bringing up a kid/s that is/are responsible, well-behaved and well-mannered citizens, it is generally mother who gets all the credit. Hence today, it being a FATHER’S DAY – all the papas, grandpas, and expectant papas – will receive their due credit.

They say Fathers are very important for a family to be complete and for a child to grow as a confident human being. I do agree to that – fathers play a crucial role in shaping up their children’s future – whether knowingly or unknowingly is a different matter altogether.   

And my father is still a role model for us, as he keeps teaching us something or the other even today. As a kid I was the most talkative girl in the family and sometimes in my excitement touched topics beyond my knowledge – thus becoming a laughing stock, however with patience and persistence dad taught me that speech is silver and silent is golden so go for the golden silence and silvery speech that could be slippery as well. It was he who taught me that it is fine to keep your mouth closed and let others think that you are an imbecile rather than opening it and proving everyone right.

Well! Yes, I used to get annoyed at his words back then but today thanks to my habit of reading everything and anything I know lots of things – political, educational, movies, and sports or any other topic any one wants to indulge in. However one thing I have learnt is that being silent saves lots of trouble. Yes, people think that you are a fool and that you don’t know anything but I guess it is better to let people think that rather than challenging you at stupid games and tricks.

Over the years, as his lessons became clearer and clearer with each experience that life dished out at me, I felt really proud to be HIS DAUGHTER. He never used the words like my lil princess or my darling daughter unlike most of my friends’ dad, but he was always there like a rock supporting me, protecting me and then beaming with pride at my accomplishments.

And so today, all I can say is that Papa I Love You and you are the best Dad in the world. I am proud to be your daughter. Thank you for all your encouragements, inspirations and your silent prayers that keep touching me and giving me the strength to carry on.

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