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Hi friends,

For all those who love to travel and would love to read the news about travel industry, here’s a good news. Beginning today I am going to introduce a travel news section featuring domestic, international travel news and it will cover almost all the basic features like visa news, hospitality news, inbound and outbound travel news, travel fares increasing or decreasing.

It is just an attempt to stay abreast with the latest in the travel industry. Along with any travel advisory that are being posted from time to time. So if anyone of you have any NEWS item that you want me to cover. Drop in a message at my wordpress link on swatisays.wordpress.com

Hoping to see a positive response for this section. Please do wish me luck!

Thanks in advance for your support and guidance.

P.S. Today I will be starting with one news item, however from tomorrow there will be minimum of four news items and there is absolutely no limit on the maximum number.