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Generally Indian men have a good height which is six feet give and take few inches. However, there are some who are not bestowed with such height and can face some complex issues while deciding what to wear so that they don’t appear slouchy or stout and short. Here are few dressing and styling tips for shorter men.



Wearing stripes can be easy if you know what to wear and what to avoid. While buying stripes ensure that they are slim, vertical stripes as the broad vertical stripes can also make you appear shorter. And a strict no-no in this category is horizontal stripes as they will make you appear not only wider but also shorter, which is not the look that you are aspiring to. So stick to slim vertical stripes.


Agreed that single colours are boring but unless you want to appear short you can go for contrasting colours. But if you are still in doubt then go for a dark trousers teamed up with a light shade of the same colour to give you an illusion of height as there are no breaks in the silhouette.


Wearing properly ironed and well fitted clothes will always give you confidence thus providing you with a straight posture. Avoid wearing clothes that are wrinkled as they make a person look sluggish, which is not a good sign either for formal attire or a casual one.


While buying trouser, jeans or slacks for yourself ensure to buy the ones that fall past your ankles and break at the top when you are wearing shoes. Also match your socks with your trousers and not your shoes.


Opt for shoes with thick insoles for an added height or you can also go for shoes with thick soles outside. Always ensure that your shoes are polished to perfection.


Grooming forms a major form of power dressing whether you are short, or fairly tall. Well groomed and well accessorised man is going to make more impact as compared to a man with an unkempt man. So take care of your hair, hands, nails, and face. It does not matter whether you have a dark skin or fair skin if you have a healthy glowing skin you will be confident and that is the major secret of power dressing.


While wearing belts go for simple and small buckles rather than big buckles as they would draw attention to your waist.

These are some of the tips for power dressing for short men. Of course when it comes to styling and dressing no one but you can decide what suits you the best and what is comfortable for you.