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Sedentary lifestyle has taken its toll on most of the youth of our country and to top that the bad eating habits resulting in lifestyle related problems including stress, diabetes, obesity, spondylitis, thyroid and hypertension to name a few in general and PCODs, fibroids, and UTIs to name others specifically related to women are a threat to any nation, which is hoping for all overall development and growth.

Though these lifestyle-related problems have increased multi-fold thanks to the advancing healthcare – there are quick relief answers provided by the modern healthcare department. For instance today if a person shows signs of mild depression, doctors don’t ignore them and ask that patient to pursue a hobby, or make new friends, go out with family and friends to fight depression.

Infertility is another lifestyle related problem that has found a cure in modern healthcare and numerous young couples have benefited from it. However, depression remains the most severe lifestyle related problem to which there has been no single cure for everyone, as each individual is different and responds differently to treatments.


Although there are cutting-edge machines to detect numerous diseases at their early stage, the one biggest advantage of modern healthcare is non invasive surgical procedures, which don’t interfere with the busy schedules and allow patients to resume their duties within 48 hours. Despite the advanced modern healthcare there are people who are dying young – either because of heart-attacks or committing suicides. It is not just the celebrities who are suffering, however they are the ones that are being reported extensively through various media.

And as I came to know about the death of Jiah Khan through a fellow blogger – this is what came to my mind and hence I am posting it here for all of you to read, contemplate and decide – what is that elusive thing that we are running after? Why after having a fat pay-cheque, a cosy home, a loving partner and beautiful kids life seems incomplete?

After effects of Modern Lifestyle

Three days and two young people gone forever! Renowned personalities from TV and Films – Abhir Goswami and Jiah Khan – one died of heart-attack at a young age of Image

  • Another young talent loses his battle to modern lifestyle

37 and the other committed suicide at the age of what 25 years. Why? On the onset it may seem that everything was going right for them – Abhir had a successful career, his colleagues said that he was a perfectly healthy guy – but the fact is that he is dead, gone, surrendered to a heart-attack. Heart attack that could have been avoided, if he would have stopped and listened to his body, unfortunately the demands of work, and other things took precedence over his health and he suffered because of it.


  • Depression and stress forces her to end her life.

Jiah Khan –  Hindi film actress who made her dream debut opposite the much revered Amitabh Bachchan lost her battle of life to some stressful situations that could or couldn’t have been avoided. Twenty-Five is certainly not an age to die, even if you are stressed or depressed about something. However, at times when one feels there is nothing but despair left in their lives, the young generation seek solace in extreme measures.

Doctors say that 90 percent of such suicide cases can be avoided, if only parents, family and friends pay heed to the warning signs that the patient was issuing with or without his knowledge. A stressed person will either become aggressive or completely withdrawn. Whereas, the person with a heart not in a proper function mode will show signs of fatigue, restlessness and irritability.

Hence if you see anyone struggling with these warning signs don’t ignore them and try to help them by talking to  them – who knows you might end up saving few lives, because sometimes all we need is a patient listener and a kind helper.