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Metro sexual man is more conscious about his appearances and hence is not leaving any stone unturned in order to become fair and handsome. Yes, the concept of tall, dark and handsome (TDH) has given way to tall, fair, and handsome (TFH) with the operative word being fair. Where earlier the word ‘fair’ was the prerogative of women today everyone wants to be fair. And that’s the very reason that men are going for beauty treatments that were earlier known only to women.

Wondering how would have Cleopatra reacted to this news of men going for beauty treatments reserved for women; here’s a list of things men are doing to enhance their looks and groom their personality and heading the way where girls tread.


Fair and Handsome

Who would have thought that the age old concept of TDH will give way to TFH and men would be using facial creams to lighten their skin colour. The concept of fair is beautiful has always been there but the concept that fair is handsome as well is a new concept and young men are buying it with both the hands. And with companies manufacturing products that are targeted towards men – they are also not lagging behind in grabbing these products with both the hands. And when the macho man John Abraham himself says that I use certain face wash, then how can the common man resist? More so when he has to please his girlfriend with his always fresh and clean looks.

Sporting Jewellery

Alright! Admitted that Kings and Maharajas also wore jewellery and hence it is not a new thing to men. But! Those were the family jewels and not the funky, artificial jewellery that men in present generation love to sport; whether it is an earring in one ear or chains with peace, or cross or some other jazzy pendant and not forgetting the bracelets and kadas, which initially were women’s fashion statement. As the global trend of man being the breadwinner and women being stay at home mom is changing, so is changing the attitude of men. Men are becoming more relaxed and comfortable in their skin and hence to showcase their casual dressing sense they are going for jewellery that represents their moods and suit their style both at the same time.


Colour me Pink

Think pink and the image that instantly comes to mind is that of girls in their frilly pink dresses, ribbons, matching pair of shoes. However, today’s man is not afraid of wearing pink and still be manly. In fact the apparel industry is making men’s wear in shocking pink, baby pink and all the shades of pink that you wonder – what happened to the concept of pink for girls and blue for boys? As if sporting jewellery and using fairness creams and face washes were not enough, the generation X men went and added pink in their wardrobe. A metro sexual man is certainly not afraid of wearing pink either at formal dos (pink neck tie or pink stripe shirt) or at casual get-togethers (pink T-shirts) and has accepted pink as the new colour for them.


Waxing not just for girls

There was a time when chest hairs were considered manly but not any more. And the trend starters are none other than the Badshah Shah Rukh Khan and the very macho John Abraham and our very own Sallu mia (Salman Khan). When you are going shirtless you need to be clean and pop goes the chest hair to waxing – the most painful method of getting rid of body hair. Men are not known to suffer pains resulting from beauty treatments but the generation X’s mantra is ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’. And if that means applying hot wax on their body then so be it. Men are not getting their chest waxed they are also going for whole body wax. And with this the phrase rough and tough will definitely give way to smooth and tough.


Hairy tales

There was a time when there was just a styling gel for men to style their hair differently. However, today men are growing their hair and getting all sorts of hair treatment available on the earth. From getting their hair permed to getting hair extensions men are not leaving any stone unturned to get their desired hair style.


Pretty hands and feet

Ah well yes! That’s another thing of ours that has been raided by men. And they are so enthusiastic about getting their hands manicured. No they are not going for big painted nails but nicely trimmed and clean nails are what they want. Whatever! Men are visiting salons for manicure and pedicure. Yes, henceforth you can not say that men have smelly feet. Lady chances are that their feet are in much better condition than yours. So be alert.


Facial so nice

Facial removes dead skin, open your pores, and lets your skin breathe. And when men learnt about the benefits of facial they were like let’s try it and bingo they were so pleased with the result that going for facials is not a women’s prerogative anymore.


Apparently the loads of exposure, and sudden deluge of male models and actors (who were not scared of accepting that they go for all beauty treatments) is the reason that today’s man is experimenting with his looks and going for all the beauty treatments available to him. He is not scared or ashamed to say that he has got hair extensions or that he regularly waxes his body or for that matter go for manicure and pedicure. Although it is a tad difficult for women to accept men who are going the lady’s way, men on the other hand are not at all perturbed and enjoying their beauty treatments tremendously. After all it is not everyday that a man gets to feel like a king.