Buying gifts for a writer is not as difficult a job as a non writer would think. Knowing what a writer usually wants is a great help. And writers usually want something related to their passion and that is writing.

Since writers are busy doing what they love that is writing they usually don’t have the time to go out and buy stuff for themselves.

Hence the ideal gift for a writer would be something that is related to writing. Here is a list of fifteen items that a person can select for a writer friend or relative.

1. Pen

A writer will always need a good pen no matter how advanced the technology has become. And he or she will always appreciate you for your thoughtfulness. Invest in a good ink pen like Mont Blanc, or Pierre Cardin even Parker has some amazing range.

2. Pocket journal/ diary

Just like the gift of pen a writer will always appreciate a pocket journal or diary as he or she never knows when the idea is going to strike them. So a pocket journal or diary will come handy in such times.

3. Post it notes

Since writing is a mental task more than a physical one writers tend to forget small information. Hence a packet of colourful post it notes forms an ideal gift for your writer friend or relative.

4.  Laptop

Even if your writer friend has one there is no harm in giving a latest and lighter model. He or she will only appreciate the gift. Since laptops means the freedom to go anywhere and write your writer friend will be really touched by this gift.

5. Printer paper or notebooks

Since writers are busy writing they tend to forget that they are running out of printing paper or notepads or notebooks whichever they use to scribble their ideas on.

6.  Books

A good writer will always appreciate a good books or a stack of books. It could be either related to writing or if he or she is into writing about a particular topic then a book on that topic will be much appreciated.

7. Subscription to the magazine

If you are aware of the writing style of your friend or even if you know that he or she is trying to spread the wings to magazine writing get them a subscriptions of some popular magazines for them to get a feel of the writing style before they start pitching the story ideas to the editors. They will really be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

8. Gift card to either a bookstore or café

This can be another ideal gift for your writer friend or relative. Since writers love books they would be really happy to spend some time there looking for their favourite authors or books.

A gift card for a local tea house or a café house is another good idea as some of the writers swear that they get their best ideas there. Apart from that a chance to observe people is too much for a writer to miss especially if he or she is a budding novelist or a seasoned one.

9. Table calendar

Table calendar is another ideal gift for a writer, since writing is such a time consuming activity that a writer can forget the dates on the calendar. Hence a table calendar forms a great gift and if it has some positive thoughts for either every month or every date that would be an added bonus.

10. Planner

Planners have always been an interesting gift item for a writer. Whether digital or the normal paper ones they help a writer to keep a tab on their deadlines and any important appointments with the editor which they can not afford to miss or forget.

11. Set of highlighters


A set of good highlighters is another gift that your writer friend will appreciate. A set of Faber Castle highlighters form an ideal gift.

12. Sturdy computer or study table

A sturdy study or computer table is ideal if you are really close to the writer. However if you feel that you are not that close this gift will ensure that it is time to know your writer friend a little more closely. Writers usually love to write either on a study table because they are pouring their thoughts on the paper or a since their laptop or computer is on the computer table. Either ways they would be thankful to you for the gift.

13.  Gift basket filled with writing supplies/ snacks


Another gift that you can give your writer friend is a gift basket filled either with writing supplies or with snacks.

A gift basket with writing supplies can ideally contain all the small things like staple pins, board pins, rubber bands, stamps, fancy envelops, writing pads, pencils, erasers, paper cutting knife or anything and everything that you think your writer friend may want or like.

A gift basket with snacks can ideally contain some nuts to munch on while writing, packet of herbal tea, coffee, a gift certificate to a popular coffee house, fruits and anything that you feel he or she might need.

14.  Specialised Writing mug



Gift them a specialised writing mug with a quotation from their favourite author or just their favourite quotation. Every time they will drink from that mug they will remember you and thank you for the thoughtful gift.

15. Table lamp


A good, sleek table lamp will always be appreciated by a writer. So invest in designs that are pleasing to the eye and are sturdy in nature.

16. Comfortable chair

A good comfortable chair to match the personality of either a study table or a computer table will make an ideal gift. In fact they both should be purchased together.

Above listed gifts are all materialistic but what you can actually give your writer friend is your unconditional support, encouragement when they are down. These are the gifts that your writer friend will always carry in his or her heart.

So happy gifting!