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Lebrary dot com is not just another website that offers publishing services to its authors. In fact it is a place where the authors and readers come together to share, discuss and review the books submitted by the authors. The basic difference between other websites and Lebrary is that there is no hosting fee and all you need to do is register yourself to submit your book or even to read one.

Providing not the services to its authors the site also allows readers to download the book (if you have registered with the site you can download the book and read the book) and provide their feedback as well to the writers.

Talking about the website Mr David Nicholls, the CEO of Lebrary.com, says that the problems faced by the first time authors is what prompted him to create a place where there would be no headache of the publishing angle. And writers can do what they do the best – writing.

In a candid interview Mr Nicholls reveals when the idea was conceived, his plans for the website, and how he wants to see every aspiring writer to be published.

1. How was the idea of the website conceived?

Interestingly, like a lot of products, Lebrary came about by accident. I had been made redundant in 2009 and decided to write the book I’d always promised I would write, but never got round to. When I completed it and naively thinking all the hard work had been done, I soon realised that writing a book is the easy part, trying to find an agent not alone a publisher for an aspiring writer in this day and age is nigh on impossible. Hence I started a self help group on Linkedin, a professional social networking site and called it Aspiring Writers. I expected a maybe ten or so people to join, but to my amazement within a few months it had exceeded 1200 people from around the world, who all shared something in common – a love for writing and the frustration of not being able to present their work to an audience. So a natural progression of Aspiring Writers was to develop Lebrary.com specifically for the aspiring writer.

2. What is so unique about the website and how does it benefit the first time authors? 

I’m not anything is actually unique these days, but we have tried to produce a professional looking site specifically for aspiring writers to publish their work, without putting obstacles in their way and to enable them to earn some income for their endeavours. The response so far has been extremely encouraging; therefore it seems that this is a welcome site for both writers as well as the readers.
3. What is the main aim or objective behind the website?

In very simple terms the main aim is to enable the aspiring writer to be able to publish their work, get feedback and to earn an income without the hassles of dealing with an agent or publishers before they see their hard work in print and feel proud of it.
4. Do you have plans for Indian writers as well? 

Good question. Although not specific plans, we do recognise that there is an immense amount of untapped talent in India. The members we already have on our sites from India demonstrate the depth of creativity and the desire for a portal such as lebrary.com to show their work. Apart from an audience of readers in India, the West need to know that there is more to the Indian creativity than just Bollywood.
5. What is the process by which an Indian writer/author submits their work and be read by millions of readers?

Any writer or indeed reader can submit their work in the normal way by logging onto http://lebrary.com. As far as reaching the millions of readers, apart from the traditional methods of marketing we do, I am open to and would welcome any suggestions how to achieve this target. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to contact me at the site.

David Nicholls is the mastermind behind the successful group on Linkedin and the website for authors. He brings his British charm to both the group as well as the website.