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It’s so strange and funny when you think that New Delhi – the national capital – renowned as a Mecca of journalism and media industry, falls short in providing jobs to all the journalists residing here. I am not writing this as a mere fiction but as my experiences has been over the years staying here have taught me.

When I first shifted to Delhi after my marriage, I was really excited about everything including a new chapter in my life. The prospect of settling down with a stranger who was to become my lover, friend and everything was not only exciting but daunting as well, as mine was an arranged marriage, in addition me and N my hubby had hardly got a chance to meet before we tied the knot, as we were living in different states.  I very happily assumed that I could rest for a while before I start searching for a job. But I was in for a bit surprise. I was informed by my husband that finding a job is not as easy as in small town read Ahmedabad in Delhi.

You will really need to try harder in order to get some decent opportunity. Anyway that was all 10 years back and now flash forward to present – I had a decent job that was paying good if not excellent, there were no commuting hassles and I was like maybe I will get settled here, as A has also started going to school here. Unfortunately the company had some financial crisis and we were all asked to go suddenly so here I am – Jobless in Delhi. What an Irony!