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Jessica was busy with her last minute shopping when she felt someone touch her. She turned and saw a young girl of about four wearing a dirty thin frock, barefoot with teeth chattering in the December chill looking at her with liquid brown eyes.


She felt pity for the girl but then something in the girl’s eyes said that she was not looking for pity. Although by her appearance that was exactly what she was getting, however, noticing a pride in the girl’s demeanour Jessica decided to remain quiet till the girl spoke again.


 “Miss, can you give me a dollar, I am hungry. I have not eaten for last three days. Please Miss”, her eyes pleaded. Jessica noticed that she was not comfortable while begging so she asked, “Who are you and why are you out in the cold wearing nothing?”


“My name is Tanya and I stay there in one of those shanties” she revealed. “I lost my family three days ago to a car accident and since then I have nowhere to go as my landlord says that I have to vacate the place.” Jessica looked at the girl once again and said “Ok! Come with me.” “Where miss?” Clearly Tanya didn’t trust this well dressed stranger.


“First to get you some warm clothes, then shoes and then we will have lunch together because even I have not had food for sometime.” As soon as she approached her car a uniform chauffeur opened the door and she instructed him to children’s boutique.


Jessica felt the little girl’s eyes on her and she looked at Tanya. Finally taking the courage in her hands Tanya asked “Why are you being so kind to me Miss?”


Jessica, surprised by this sudden question, at first did not know how to answer this without hurting the girl’s pride and letting her real motive behind her help. So she said, “Because it is a holiday season and everyone deserve to be happy this time of the year.” There she thought. She was able to bring a shy smile to Tanya’s pretty face and she felt happy and thought about the holiday spirit.


After their necessary purchases which were enough to keep the girl warm on a chilly December evening, Jessica instructed the chauffer to take them back home.


Reaching home, Jessica instructed one of the housemaids to take Tanya to the pink room. After that turning to Tanya she told her to feel at home. “Once you are ready Stella will show you the way to the parlour,” said Jessica.


At the other end of the house Jessica threw her wrap, opened her laptop, and typed enthusiastically about her new protagonist. She has been looking for an inspiration for the theme Holiday Spirit and this girl seemed God send.


Tanya examined herself in the mirror and saw a beautiful looking stranger. Then she looked at the room the stranger has given her. The pink lace curtains with a pink couch and dressing mirror, matching bedspread, pillows and quilt and even the carpet. The walls were done in pastel pink shade thus giving the room its name.


Tanya reprimanded herself for wasting time and went downstairs to find Stella. “This way please. What would you like to have?” Stella inquired.

Orange juice. Certainly and with that Stella retreated leaving the girl alone.


“Uncle Jason.”

“Tanya, where have you been?” asked Jason.

“I had to vacate the place and then this lady brought me here,” she revealed.

Lady which lady?” he asked.

“I brought her here and I hope you don’t mind”, answered Jessica from the door.

“MIND, mind, oh Jessica! Tanya is the girl I have been looking for since last couple of days,” he said. “She is my late sister’s daughter and both I and John have been going mad searching for her. I am sure John will also be relieved to know that Tanya is with me,” he said.

Later at the dinner table Jason felt his chest swell with pride and thanking God for such a wonderful wife he silently raised a toast to her.

Jessica acknowledged the toast with hers, felt a tingling sensation in her stomach as the story idea began taking shape in her mind.



Hi friends, this is a short story I wrote a long time back. Feedback invited and required.