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Hi Friends, I wrote this blog post for a spiritual e-paper The Speaking Tree. The question was asked by a fellow blogger there. This is my opinion, what is yours? Would love to hear from all of you.

In my opinion it is difficult to maintain a platonic friendship between opposite sex. Difficult and not impossible! I am saying difficult because it has been noted that one point or the other one of the person starts getting attracted to the opposite sex physically and it can be either one – male or female. There are no rules dictating the fact that it is only men who fall for their platonic female friends. Women have always known to fall for their platonic male friends and that’s when things get complicated.

It is believed that men-women can remain platonic friends only till the time there is no other distraction – no other intense bonding with other male/female. The popular example of this platonic friendship turning into love were the movies Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na where the lead actors are first shown as best buddies and then the equation changes… So is in the real life.

Having said that I also believe that it is possible to have platonic friendship as well with the opposite sex, where in both connect at some deeper level, where there is love but no lust, where there is mutual respect and where each values the individual opinion.

Hence I feel that it depends on individuals whether they can or cannot maintain a platonic friendship and enjoy the fruits of an everlasting friendship. Amen!