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Communication since time immemorial has been a vital part of living beings and humans especially have been gifted a talent of chatting, talking, speaking – call it whatever you may – to present their views clearly. And today, as the technology has advanced we are presented with numerous options, which give us a feeling of being connected with our family and friends even when we are miles apart.

One such endeavour is the new app WeChat and when WeChat and Indiblogger combined their forces for the blogging community and asked the bloggers who would they like to connect with this new app, I knew the result will surely be powerful. So here is my list of five people I would like to connect with through this new App.

Mother Teresa: Yes she is the one with whom I would like to connect if I could connect with anyone through WeChat. I would like to talk about her early life, what inspired her to leave her birth country and adopt India as her own and what were the trials she had to go in creating a safe haven for street kids and all the unfortunate people of India.

Rabindranath Tagore: An eminent personality of the bygone era, Rabrindranathji is another person I would like to have in my WeChat group. I would like to talk to him about the then art and culture scenario in the country versus in the modern India. How it has evolved over the years and is there anything particular he would like to have changed in the art scene prevalent today or is he happy with the current one? I would like to gain so much from his wisdom by just listening to him reciting his poems and anecdotes from the bygone era.

Aamir Khan: Not only because he has been favourite actor but also for standing up for the causes like malnutrition, and his show Satyamev Jayate highlighting the issues, we all know exist in our society but are mum about it. I would like to discuss with him how we as writers can help in spreading the social message of preventing child abuse through our collective power of blogging can instigate a change in the society by being a change ourselves.

Gautam Buddha: He is the one who spread the message of peace, harmony and bliss and in today’s scenario is such that we need him back with his peace message. I would like to talk to him about how we can create a better place for every living being on this earth, as universe is bountiful and has everything for everyone if only we can let go of our greed and be content with what is needed rather than what is desired.

Last but not the least is my MOM – the woman responsible for bringing me into this world. I would love to be connected with her 24*7 and talk to her about whatever I am doing and tell her that she is the most beautiful person on this earth – second to none. Growing up we were never close like mother-daughter should be but over the years we have become good friends.