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With summer season approaching quickly in the national capital, I needed that one product that could help me in controlling the frizz in my hair – a problem common in this season. Years of dealing with frizz in my own way (using non-sticky hair oil of course) had left me drained and I wanted something more. Something that would not only help me in controlling the frizz but would also add some shine to my crowning glory.


Before using Tressame Product! The frizz gave me an untidy and unkempt look. But then thanks to Indiblogger and TRESseme I got a product I was searching for – TRESseme Climate control to check the frizz in your hair and retaining the shine. And with my brother’s oncoming wedding I was thrilled to lay my hands on this wonderful product, I could get a ramp style open hair look without a single frizz or a single hair out of place.  Image

I was complimented for my looks and my hairstyle. Thank you Indiblogger and Tresseme.