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Cloudy Business

As a writer, and blogger, I always wanted a device by which I could jot my thoughts and ideas immediately somewhere. Of course the old fashion way being jotting them on the paper or a diary. Quite cumbersome! I must say! But then what was the solution? It was then I remembered my first Indiblogger Meet, wherein the Microsoft introduced us to this new idea of taking your office along with you wherever you go!

Huh! What do they mean by taking the entire office with you? Well to be precise what they mean is that I could access MS Word from anywhere, anytime and that too without any hassle. Ok that was something. So basically what they are saying is that if a sudden idea strikes me then I don’t need to dive into my bag to fetch a pen and paper rather I just have to access word processor from my phone and voila! I will be sorted. Hmmm! Interesting!

I was still contemplating on this bit of information, when they said that this is not all! What? There’s more? Good, I would definitely like to hear about it. If you want you can directly post your article to your blog! Like my fellow bloggers, I was also charmed by this idea of directly posting my articles to the blog. And you can do this all in real time they promised.

Ha! All in real time, you get your article edited by different set of people looking at different things but at the same time. I was sceptical about this one. I have been submitting articles to lots of website and they all take at least 48 hours to edit the article, which they feel is fit for publishing but Office 365 does that in real time as that lady demonstrated. After all this presentation at the Indiblogger Meet I was convinced that Office 365 is indeed a Cloudy Business and a powerful tool for writers and bloggers.

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