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On the road of life I met this stranger;

Sexy as Adonis and potent as Aphrodite!

I drank in his wisdom, sank in his mischievous eyes,

Basked in his appreciation, plunged into bleakness at his criticism

In all these emotional turmoil I felt vibrantly alive.


Still exploring these new found feelings for him;

I realized that somewhere along the journey I lost him!

Words left unspoken, feelings remain unexplored.

No matter how much I implored, I never heard his voice again,

His thoughts my constant companion.


Lifting me up from the shadows of despair:

As it would be: fate intervened! Old emotions, longings resurfaced,

A bitter- sweet ache again rose as face to face we stood.

Excited yet cautious I was yet again serenaded by him,

And finally he and I came together. 


His face close to mine, so close that I could see;

His clear eyes sparkling with happiness and naughtiness.

Lost in his eyes, as our shadows danced a tango:

Our souls united and lines of our fate infused to be one.

(Sigh)He became my world, I found home in his loving arms.