The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small country constituting of various small islands with erratic climate and temperatures. Although there is a sea there are no proper ‘exotic’ beaches like in Mauritius or Maldives it is still a proud little country about its culture and heritage – which I must add is more cosmopolitan than any other countries in Gulf.

Hence it was no surprise when the government decided that it was time to do something to take care of this beautiful country which was turning into an environmental mess and hence started campaigns Green Drive and Green Bahrain. Everyone showed eagerness in these campaigns, except the people in the country without whom this would be a failure.

Supermarkets in the country also decided to their own bit by introducing the reusable jute/clothe bags and gave enough time to the customers to get use to the idea of using these reusable bags. However, much to the surprise of these supermarkets management people not only out rightly rejected the idea of using reusable bags – good for the environment – but not well enough for customers. Supermarkets had decided that they will still give the plastic bags to those who want it but will charge a nominal fee of 20 fils (Rs2) but customers were not ready to pay for what they have been getting for free for a long time. So now the supermarkets are back to square one of issuing low quality plastic bags which the management claims is not as harsh on the environment as the normal plastic bag.

However, this is where I would like to raise the question can plastic – whether of low quality or not can be fair to the environment especially when we all know that it takes ages for one plastic bag to decompose and even when it does decompose it releases toxic chemicals polluting our environment? Have we become so selfish in our own needs that we are not even thinking about our children? What kind of environment are we leaving for them?

Some of these questions are never asked directly although there are at the back of every sensible man – and I guess that’s where the problem is? It’s not just Bahrain where people don’t want to change their habits it’s everywhere. If we want to protect our Earth then we need to contribute at an individual level.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome.