I read this book Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho few days back and I was so touched by the subject that I was compelled to pen down my feelings and emotions I experienced while reading the book. Maybe because of my pregnancy or maybe the book has something in it that makes you stop and take a good look at your life … Yes, you read it right. Take a good look at our lives – where are we heading, are we happy in our jobs?

People who have read the book might be wondering what I am talking about… because the novel talks or rather narrates the story of an ambitious girl who became a prostitute by her own choice – why because that’s was the only profession with loads of money or should I say easy money as some people think. She had a choice to go for some other profession – after all she is educated – but she chose what she chose so that she can earn enough money to buy a farm for her parents and live happily ever after.

But then fate intervenes and a naughty cupid strikes his bow and viola the prostitute falls in love with a painter – one of the special clients at the bar where she works. But falling in love is not in her plans – well not exactly. She had fallen in love twice before – once she was just a young school going kid and then again when she was in high school. However, both the times she gained nothing except pain so our little protagonist realises that she is not cut out for love and so what she do when she realised that she has again repeated the folly of falling in love. She denies the feeling, fights it with all her mind and she succeeds until the fate decides that enough was really enough gives a fairy tale ending to her story.

Beautifully written, well researched subject and a moving story – Eleven Minutes is a novel which everyone should read.