Rising food prices and cost of other basic items increasing everyday living has become an everyday problem. Especially for the expatriates who are finding it hard to cope up with the rising costs and virtually stagnant salaries. Although the government is doing everything they can for the Bahrainis they are neglecting expatriates – who are also toiling for this same country.

Anyways, I am not looking for sympathy from anyone out there because I feel that it’s not the sympathy or even empathy that any one of us needs right now. Instead what we need is to think and think with a clear logical mind about the rising cost of loving all over the world. We need to realise that all the climatic changes we are experiencing these days is not by chance – it is the nature’s answer to all the abuse we have been hurling at her over all these years. ‘Global Warming’ is her answer to all the concrete jungle and industrialisation that the mankind has been carrying on since decades now without any concern about the effect it will have on our environment.

People wonder how to combat this inflation – how to control the rising food prices how to provide enough food to the poor – I guess there is only one thing we can do right now and that is seriously consider our options. Make our bit to slow down the global warming process. It’s a daunting task but it is not impossible if we all put our heads together in it.

Inflation is not by chance and neither is the rising cost of living. It is the direct result of changing climatic conditions – severe drought in one country to severe floods in another, destructive earthquakes and tsunamis are not by chance, – and this is how nature is retaliating to all the abuse she has faced all these years.

We all can do something to save our environment. These are few of my suggestions. If anyone has something else to add to this please feel free to add on this and pass it on to all your friends and colleagues. Let’s make a pledge to save our environment.

  1. Recycle: I am sure we all have been reading about recycling so let’s start doing it. Recycle anything and everything that we can. Paper, food waste, plastic bottles, soft drink cans. I mean anything.
  2. Say no to plastic bags: Please refuse to take them even if shops offer them for free. They are the worst enemy of our environment.