Horror Dad
I am sure everyone has heard, read about the horror dad Joseph Fritzl� — who abused his own flesh and blood and fathered seven children from her.

Sometimes I feel what is this world coming to? This guy is sick in the mind his lawyer said and that is what they are going to base their case on INSANITY. My question to this lawyer and all the judiciary all over the world� is SHOULD THIS GUY BE PARDONED BECAUSE HIS LAWYER WILL PROVE THAT HE IS INSANE.

Just a day after the whole incident came out in the light Fritzl’s sister in law came forward and said that Fritzl has already been convicted of rape in 1981 again the victim was just 17 years old.� She also said that Fritzl was an autocratic father and husband. Maybe he was autocratic maybe he was a strict husband and father but then again how can a mother be just content with her daughter’s disappearance saying that she is left home to join religious sect and then leave three of her children at their doorstep/

Didnt the wife ever suspected that how come only Fritzl was finding those children and not any other family members.

The detail report that I read on BBC website said that Fritzl guy was plotting this kidnapping since his daughter was 12years old.

I really dont know what else to say to this. If anyone of you have any views, opinions, comments please do write in

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