As the old year gets ready to close its petals and prepares to go down in the history, the new year is also gearing up to make its grand entry at 31st Dec midnight.

Saying goodbye has always been difficult. Whether to a friend or even the year. 2006 has been a good mix of happiness and sadness, joys and sorrows, tragedies among other things.

2006, for me, also had a concoction of happiness and sorrows. I learnt some valuable lessons of life. Lessons that will remain with me forever. Lessons that me stronger as a person, more independent and least trusting. And today when there are just 10 days left for 2006 to close its fragrant petals and sleep forever, I felt that I owe a farewell to this wonderful year that taught me so much. And in my memories you will be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!

Goodbye 2006, Sleep Tight!!! Welcome 2007!!! Hope you bring more cheers and happiness for the world. Welcome Aboard!!! Welcome to this Earth!!!