Few days back I had posted a blog about a girl involved in tragic accident. Girl’s fault was that she was hit by another car which was driven by a drunken 17 year-old driver. Yesterday (if anyone of you saw the Delhi Times) there was an article titled “I will never drive again”…..The article was on the latest drunker driver who crushed six pavement dwellers to death and injured eight in Mumbai. And the question that TOI is asking “Is that Really Enough?” The only answer that I want to give is No Sir It is not enough!!! But then what is the solution then??? The solution I guess would be to have more stringent laws agianst these affluent law breakers who think that they can get away with anything and everything. Also the law should be same for everyone and not be partial to the sons or relatives of politicians or industrialists. This is not the first case of drunken driving and but I do hope that this will be the last case. Considering the kind of government we have its better that we common people come together and join hands against DRUNKEN DRIVING. I would request all my ilander friends to copy and paste my earlier blog on drunken driving and spread an awareness amongst our friends. Today it was pavement dwellers in Mumbai, tomorrow it could be me you or anyone near and dear to us. Let us pledge and create an awareness against drunken driving.