What a relief for the worried parents!!! What a relief for the Noida police!!! And What a joke it has been for everybody.

Anant Gupta is kidnapped by two motorists and then handed over to some guy in Maruti and then the child is found after five days by the father at thier palatial Noida residence on the eve of his mother’s birthday.

The ransom asked was Rs 2 crore.
The ransom paid was just Rs 50 Lakhs.

Incidentally everything is mysterious. If one think about it. From the time the young Gupta was kidnapped by the two motorists is stopped by one security guard. The security guard does not alert the guards at the gate and then suddenly the child comes back home in an autorickshaw accompanied with no one.

Whats happening guys??? Any clues??? Was it just another case of gaining publicity or was the kidnapping really genuine???

Maybe I am a cynic, Maybe it was a well executed plan that just got out of hand when media intervened and gave it loads of publicity???

Who knows??? Anyway good that the child came back safe and sound.