Hi friends

It feels really long since I ahve written anyhting. Anyways here’s something I wanted to share with all my Ilander friends. I dont know how many of you saw this piece on the news.

I am sure some of you must be aware of other secret languages between friends. But this is really amazing. Read it to know what I am saying.

The story is of one Pachotia family who speak reverse Hindi. Yes reverse Hindi.Reverse Hindi gives an impression of either a Tamil or Telegu but it definitely does not sound like Hindi.

The family can also sing popular Hindi songs in reverse Hindi and one of the songs that the mother daughter duo sang for the news channel was phool tumhe bheja hai… First in Hindi and then in reverse Hindi. Imagine what it would have sounded in reverse Hindi. Phool becomes lphoo hemtujabhe…. Phew its really tricky man.

The family also plans to release a book on reverse Hindi and get their names registered at Guinisse book of records.