Young girls are having a dekko at their mother’s fashion magazines, or trying out the cosmetics, wearing high heels to gain that extra height, boys are musing over ipods and the latest gadgets. What is happening to today’s children????

Today as we celebrate Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birthday as Children’s Day, I just want parents and teachers to think and think really hard about these questions — Have the children lost their innocence so early in their lives? Have they too become a slave of the latest technology? Are we somewhat responsible for the change? Have we become so wrapped in our guilt that we are giving in to every whims and fancies of our children?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. Yes! they too have adopted a lavish lifestyle. Children today are a smarter lot they know how to wrangle stuff from their parents. As for parents they try to reduce their guilt of not spending enough time with their kids by giving in to their demands.Apart from that children have become really articulate.

Children today are not children. They have become miniature adults. I was shocked to see an article sometime back in Delhi Times( I don’t exactly remember the date) but I was shocked to read the piece. The article had casually asked children between the age group of 5 to 12 years about whats in their wardrobe. The answers were amazing considering the age group. One of them said I have a separate section for my casual wear, formal wear and my accessories. This little girl barely five years old said she loves to wear bangles, high heels when she goes for a birthday party or even for an outing with her parents.

This is just one aspect of children becoming young adults and losing their innocence to enter the world of adults right from the day join the school. The other important issue raised by TOI today is whether the child is really happy or not. And the answer was (yes you guessed it right) NO. And it had to be considering the fact that children too have become materialistic these days. They want to possess something not because they want it but becuase it is the latest trend and none of their friends have it yet.

My God!!! I remember my childhood days and I wonder how naive we were at this tender age.

I am yet to become a mother, however the scenario today makes me really scared. What if we (me and my hubz) are not able to fulfil his/her desire ( whether its a girl or boy only time will tell)?