It is really strange and appaling to see that the people who at one condemn the youth are now showing a burning concern for Americanisation of youth.

Let us Live Guys.

Although I am not a call centre executive, however I know a friend who is working at a call centre of one of the reputed company. I admit that timings are quite irregular and there is no time for socialising. But they are paid higher than the rest of us.

The reason I feel for this backlash is the hidden jealousy (that CCE’s are higher paid) thats why poor kids are always targetted for no fault of theirs. As for the pastors, well they had gone there with a mindset to find something wrong with these youth. Hence they found it.

Anyways I wrote this letter to Times of India, I don’t know where it went. Whether anybody read it or not. So I am posting it on my blog.

I am looking forward to your comments friends, about how you feel about this whole issue.

Dear Sir,

This refers to the stroy in the DElhi Times titled Bad BPOS: A case of wrong identity. I personaly feel that BPOs are unecessarily bienfg targetted by those who are jealous of the lifestyle of a BPO executive. I admit that there were Pastors who went inside BPOs and got the reality, however, I feel that when you are an imposter and your whole idea is to dig out something negative about the place then you surely will see only the negative things as you are blinded by your onw overconfidence. A very good friend of mine is also working in a BPO and although I admit that he doesnt get time for anyhting through the week, he does make time for everyone from his family to his dog to his frineds on weekends.

As for the pastor Barnabus Kumar, who claims to have seen a homely girl turnign into a hip and happening gal suggests nothing but the fact that when she got her salary, she also wanted to look her best (Surely Nothing Wrong in it). As for Americanising the youth is considered, then I must say that the Americanisation began long ago when American companies made a beeline for Inida. Mc DOnalds is surely not India, neither is Johnson and Johnson nor is Pepsi. So why blame the youth.

And as far as the question of qualification is concerned — at least BPOs are giving employment to inexperienced youth, which various big companies simply refuse to offer. Freshers need not apply is the first thing written under all the big companies advertisemtns.

Finally I would just like to add that it would be really nice if we would stop countign the negative things about BPOs and appreciate and encourage our youth.