Have you ever been jobless in Delhi?? No! Well its good but then you will not understand what I am saying in this blog. This is a summary of my experiences of being jobless in Delhi. It is certainly not the situation I revered. I mean it is not a nice feeling when you have been working for so many years and then suddenly you find yourself in a strange city with no job and just being a housewife.

Its not a situation anyone would relish, especially if someone has worked earlier.  Anyways after much attempts I got a job. I told to myself finally I am also working and not sitting idle. However to my chagrin the job lasted only for a month reason. Well for one the boss didnt define clearly what I am supposed to do so that was a chaos, secondly new to Delhi I told him that I would leave early which also didnt go well with him.

Anyways after some more searching and travelling through the city again landed me a job this time in South Delhi. I would like to inform here that my earlier job was in West Delhi. So finally I got a job in a computer hardware mag as an Asstt Editor. But my search continued for a better prospect and my hard work paid when I got a call from The Hindustan Times. They wanted journalists. I was overjoyed to work with one of the top national dailies. However,  like everything good thing must be accompanied with bad things I got to know that the job was not at all journalistic. Infact it was clerical.

Well m not going to bore my readers with my job searching history, what I m trying to say here is that being Jobless in Delhi is not a pleasant situation.