Yesterday I received a forward  about a young girl who was caught in a serious tragic accident and a 17 yr-old drunken driver.  The mail had some pictures and some text. Although I couldnot open all the snaps, but the one I opened shook me entirely.

The girl was trapped in a burning car apparently and thus her body had burnt really bad. The snap showed that she had lost her left eyelid and her jaw was severly distorted. In a message dated 5/18/2005 8:41:54 PM Central Standard Time, Cecill64 writes:

This young lady was recently on Oprah and what a loving, forgiving young woman she is ! An amazing story of what she has suffered and will bear the rest of her life. Please share this with your friends and especially your teenagers who are driving.

  If you read this message carefully it says that the girl is really forgiving. But tell me something in the circumstances what can she do?

 Life has been really cruel to her and the guy although is guilty of his driving. What will the girl do with his guilt. Its a personal request to everyone, please warn your children the dangers of drunken driving. And its not just teenagers who drink and drive I remember reading a real story who lost her 17 year-old son to drunken driving.

Can we really come together and spread a word against DRUNKEN DRIVING!!!!!!!